Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Hitcher

Sometimes you just need to drag (not literally) something and your Pruis simply can't do the job. Time for old technology and the patience of Job(e) to spend the endless hours on the road to bring it to you..and back. Helpful hint: Counting gas stations does not help the time pass and could drive you to talking to your I am now.

This space for hire

A quick last minute job from a corporate client who needed to advertise their new start-up had me cover the  unmarked van and head out to the nearest Apple store and park In front for several  hours. They got  business and I had a breakfast and a nap..Win/Win.

Have bruised knuckles will travel

A quick before and after of a clean up and service of a clients old truck, nothing fancy but just cleaned and painted the engine bay and replaced a few needed oily bits.  Customer very happy and my knuckles get to heal for a bit.


Hauling ghosts a few days ago...ok, in fact they were 12 expensive off chairs going to San Jose. But if it means anything they where supposed to be evil office chairs.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where does all my junk go?

To the dump.  
OK, lets back up a bit, the dump (or transfer station as we like to call it)  is in fact the last step. After you have decided what's to go and whats to keep. The stuff is sorted out and any re-usable or useful goodies are taken to one the many local charities, shelters, or re-use shops. Any recycling gets sorted into their respective bins and then the dump (or transfer station as we like to call it)   
I hate to waste, there is always someone who can use something someone else has decided to part with..and then when they have no more use for it and then when it it is stuffed into their garages or offices it all starts all over again... the circle of stuff.