Monday, May 26, 2014

Roxie is very dead-for now. About two months ago she threw a rod on the San Rafel Bridge, destroying the motor. Sadly this is beyond my financial scope-so I have decided to try the crowdfunding route. I have offered several perks that hopefully be of interest. A little goes a long way. please spread the word.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good Wood

Remember the old truck I worked on? well I did and when I heard it was up for sale I decided to give myself an early Holiday prezzie. After stripping of the old deck I crafted a new one.  Insurance and DMV was dealt with and christened the name  "Roxy" she was put right into use.

She's a working girl now! 

Before and after...

(somewhat) Simple as that. The client had a new bathroom and a plie of bits and two days later there was this.


No, I do not counterfeit, But I do on occasion hang wallpaper, lucky the client had some easy pre-glued paper, so an after noon with a spray bottle, a ladder , some sharp craft blades and help from the client and we had this. I normally charge extra for people want to help, but since it came out so well I let it slide.

..Even the her pug Rudy approved.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Hitcher

Sometimes you just need to drag (not literally) something and your Pruis simply can't do the job. Time for old technology and the patience of Job(e) to spend the endless hours on the road to bring it to you..and back. Helpful hint: Counting gas stations does not help the time pass and could drive you to talking to your I am now.

This space for hire

A quick last minute job from a corporate client who needed to advertise their new start-up had me cover the  unmarked van and head out to the nearest Apple store and park In front for several  hours. They got  business and I had a breakfast and a nap..Win/Win.

Have bruised knuckles will travel

A quick before and after of a clean up and service of a clients old truck, nothing fancy but just cleaned and painted the engine bay and replaced a few needed oily bits.  Customer very happy and my knuckles get to heal for a bit.